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Do you feel you’re not reaching your full professional potential? Discover how you can advance your career with our suite of leadership and management courses at PPS College.

PPS College Career Training

PPS College delivers an innovative approach to training with efficient and modern learning resources. Our practical course design, combined with personalised attention creates a supportive and rewarding experience for each participant. Our professional mentors and industry specialists work closely with every student to provide an efficient pathway to advance the learning process. Our aim is to enhance skills and knowledge by enabling and empowering every participant to advance their career through formal training.

Delivery Modes

PPS College offers a range of delivery modes – on campus, online, school-based and workplace programs.

PPS College is dedicated to providing study options designed to suit your individual needs. Our course delivery methods include using modern online facilitation, workplace delivery or by attending our campus, located in Currumbin Waters. For individuals looking to progress their career in their current workplace, PPS College offers workplace training. Our team is comprised of expert professionals with current industry knowledge and experience. In the final stages of your course, you will be equipped with expert industry knowledge, practical tools and the confidence to work on real projects. On completion of your qualification, you will have access to affiliated university pathways and industry networks.

Training and Assessment

PPS College has a long running tradition of specialising in the provision of quality, customised training programs in the areas of business, leadership, customer engagement and project management. Do you have a desire to advance your career, though unsure of the best training course to get you there? PPS College mentors will discuss your interests and skills to determine the best training course or dual courses for you. With our wide range of study options, we can even offer the opportunity to complete dual qualifications in some qualifications.

Student-focused Training

Training institutes that accommodate countless students and courses can be overwhelming and deter you from pursuing the best industry path for you. An over exhausted system can potentially devalue your training with insufficient time dedicated to each student. At PPS College, you’re considered a part of the team, not simply another student number.

Our commitment to student-focused operations is at the forefront of PPS College training. We deliver high-quality services that support students throughout their training and assessment. PPS College mentors prioritise every student through a systematic approach, commitment to industry-focused training and relationships with affiliated industry leaders.

Recognised Prior Learning

PPS College understands that everyone learns in different ways and at a different pace.  We also recognise that it’s common for participants to possess a broad range of knowledge and skills from current or previous industry experience. If you have prior experience, you don’t need to spend your time revisiting something you already know. The PPS College team can assess your prior knowledge and work this into our Recognition of Prior Learning program, if applicable.

Industry Partnerships

PPS College has formed industry influence through our partnerships with professional industry leaders and organisations. Together with the expertise of these training partners, our efficient systems, and resources, we can deliver industry-focused training to prepare our graduates for the next stage of their career. Our partnerships with these industry leaders and organisations ensure the most professional and current training available.

Government Funded Training

The Queensland Government’s ‘Working Queensland jobs plan’ focuses on ensuring all residents above 15 years of age have access to quality training programs. For this reason, eligible applicants can acquire industry skills to meet employment and business demands at a subsidised price.

PPS College is proud to offer a variety of Government funding initiatives that cover part or all of your training costs (eligibility criteria and conditions apply). Affordable payment plans are also available. Contact us today to discuss your options and eligibility.

If you are looking to improve your career with advanced industry knowledge and skills, visit PPS College today.

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