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Short Courses


Specialise In A Targeted Area

Are You Looking To Quickly Extend Your Knowledge In A Targeted Area?

If you are an existing worker in the building and construction industry learning new and important skills will help you to further your career in construction.

The Short Courses program provides funding to assist with upskilling and cross skilling existing workers in the building and construction industry. Short Courses are individual competencies and skills sets designed to provide flexible solutions to workers wanting to update their skills and knowledge in specific and targeted areas.


What is the construction skills Queensland training subsidy?

Construction Skills Queensland (CSQ) provide significant funding for eligible participants in the Queensland construction industry from short courses to higher level skills and more. Eligibility for the funding is based on whether you have worked in the industry within the last 4 years or you currently work in the industry.

This will depend on the short course you are completing and range from fundamental or general safety on a construction site, such as with a Construction White Card; more specfic on a machine such as a scissor lift or boom lift; working with different and potentially dangerous substances such as asbestos; or in a particular environment like at heights or in confined spaces.

All of our regular courses are Nationally Accredited so yes – a competency (or certificate) you gain from us with the relevant code will be recognised throughout Australia