Our staff will ensure that the strict security provisions relating to your personal details are not compromised as per the Information Privacy Act 2009. As a result, your privacy is assured and any communications between you and our staff will be held in the utmost of confidence. Your fundamental right to access your own records upon request will remain in place and will be honoured by People and Performance Solutions at all times.

Once enrolled with People and Performance Solutions you will be sent information from time to time regarding training and other products that we believe would be beneficial to you. If you wish to unsubscribe to that service, you may do so in writing at any time and you will be removed from our distribution list. Likewise, we may choose to use any comments taken from you from our student satisfaction surveys by publishing these on our website or other marketing publications. Again, if you do not wish for this to occur please advise us of this in writing at any time.

We agree not to allow anyone outside our training company to access personal details about you. However, from time to time, our records are subject to audit by Government and private auditors who may access your records. In either case these auditors sign declarations about maintaining confidentiality.

Access to Your Records

People and Performance Solutions maintains a record of training for every student. If a student does not have an up-to-date copy of their training record they can request one from the trainer or administration. In the event that a student needs a replacement statement of attainment or qualification after they have completed training, they must submit a written request to People and Performance Solutions Student Administration.

If you wish to access your student information file, please direct your enquiry to [email protected]

Access and Equity Policy

People Performance Solutions will work to meet the needs of the community and individuals and/or groups who might be otherwise disadvantaged. This includes providing fair allocation of resources and equal opportunity to access training services. People Performance Solutions prohibits discrimination based on factors including:

People Performance Solutions will work to ensure all participants have the right resources available to allow successful completion of course requirements. This includes flexible delivery and assessment arrangements where necessary, and LLN support.

It is the responsibility of all staff at People Performance Solutions to uphold our commitment to Access and Equity principles. If you have questions or concerns, please contact us.