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Apprentice Questions

How soon will my training start?

We will get you started on your first training units on your orientation day at College – this is your Apprentice Kick Off Day (AKOD).  We will book this date at a time that is convenient for you as soon as possible after the enrolment and sign up process has been completed (and with your employer’s permission).

We will also work with your employer to determine which units the employer will assist to train on site, and which units you will need to come into the College to complete.

How regularly will I have training?

You will receive an Apprentice Progression Schedule that shows you what units we recommend you complete per quarter to keep you in line with your progression requirements. 

This can sometimes change depending on what jobs your employer has on. You will have regular contact with our Trainers and our Trade Training Operations team will extend invitations in to workshops and contact your employer about site visit opportunities. 

You are always welcome, with your employer’s approval, to attend College when you have down time from site or when there is wet weather.  Just give us a call on 07 5669 9000 (Option #3) and we will ensure we have resources ready for you to complete when you attend.

How much study will I have to do in a year?

This will depend on the duration of your apprenticeship and how many units of competency you need to complete in your qualification.  You will be given your Apprentice Progression Schedule at the commencement of your training and this will be updated regularly so you know what units you have completed and what units you have upcoming.

Can I do my theory online?

Yes. Your theory assessment can be done via College Cloud, our online learning platform. You can access College Cloud from any device connected to the internet. You will automatically be set up with your own profile.  Instructions on how to access College Cloud, including your username and password, will be emailed to you.  You will also be given an introduction and orientation to the platform on your Apprenticeship Kick Off Day!

How do I contact my Trainer?

You can contact a Trainer by phone or email.  Please contact our Trade Training Operations team on 07 5669 9000 (Option 3#) and one of our friendly team will put you in touch with a Trainer.

Should I record videos of my work?

Yes. This is an awesome idea!

The more evidence we have of you performing the work that you are being assessed on, the better. Our trainers will still visit you on site but capturing video evidence of tasks as they are occurring, especially tasks that are not often performed, is going to make it much easier for you to progress in your apprenticeship.

Does GCTC have extra support for students that might need it?

We sure do. Our Trainers encourage you to reach out to them if you need assistance, and our Trade Training Operations Team is here for you. We have an open-door policy for apprentices to come to the College outside of scheduled workshops to find a quiet place to study and to get the assistance of Trainers. We cater to students with learning difficulties and literacy and numeracy needs and can offer a range of support to help you through your qualification.

Who do I call at GCTC when I have a question?

If in doubt, please call 07 5669 9000 (Option #3) and let our friendly Trade Training Operations team assist you.

If I have a day off work, can I come to the campus to do some work on my assessments?

You sure can! Provided we have your employer’s approval you are more than welcome to attend College to work on your units when you have down time.  If you need something specific, let us know in advance so we can co-ordinate a Trainer to work with you.  Otherwise just come in and we will get you set up in a quiet spot and let our Trainers know you are there if you need them.

What do I do if my employer won’t release me to attend training?

Your employer is aware of their obligations to allow you to undertake training as part of your apprenticeship. Obviously sometimes work is exceptionally busy, and we may need to be flexible in our training delivery.  We will work with your employer to find the best time for site visits and workshops. Our dedicated Trade Training Operations team will liaise with your employer and you to coordinate training and assessment activities. If you need any further support, just let us know by phoning 07 5669 9000 (Option #3).

I have been working in the industry for a while, can I get credit for what I already can do?

As an apprentice, if you have developed skills and knowledge previously then we can chat to you about applying for RPL (recognised prior learning). Keep in mind though, you must be able to provide evidence of these skills and knowledge dated prior to commencing your apprenticeship.

How many students will be in my class? Will I have support from my trainer if I am struggling?

We have a very high trainer to apprentice ratio. You will receive one on one workplace training and assessment and when you come to workshops our class sizes are generally 4-8 students to each Trainer.  Your trainer is there to support you if you feel you are struggling. 

Can my enrolment be terminated?

If a student’s behaviour, progress or engagement doesn’t meet the standard we set at enrolment (refer to the Student Handbook and your Welcome email), we may elect to terminate your enrolment. As a student of GCTC / QTC you have an obligation to engage in your training, progress through your training at the required standard set and behave in accordance with our student policies.  Failure to do so may result in the termination of your enrolment.

What training do I have to do at the College?

This will be determined by how much training can be provided by your employer and what opportunities we get to assess you on the job. There are units of competency that are generally always delivered at the College such as high risk units such as scaffolding and elevated work platforms, as well as advanced specialist units that are rarely performed on site anymore. We will work with you and your employer to see which College Workshops you will need to attend. We can also do extra training at the College if your employer prefers.

How do I access the Student Handbook?

To view the Student Handbook, CLICK HERE. 

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