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    In order for us to generate a Training Plan for your Apprentice, we will need to conduct an Employer Resource Assessment (ERA) to determine which units of competency your Apprentice can do fully onsite, and which ones they will be required to attend College. We also need to confirm the Apprentice to Qualified Person ratio is acceptable to the Department.

    A Trainer will visit you onsite to take you through this process, and also to explain more about what to expect from the Apprenticeship journey and give you the opportunity to ask questions. We will require about 30-45 minutes of your time. We will need to gain a copy of the Qualified Persons Trade Qualification or QBCC Licence. You can upload copies below or have them available on the day.

    If you have a date and time preference for this visit, please enter this below or call 56699000 option 3.

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    Your Apprentice will attend College for their Apprenticeship Kick Off Day (AKOD) where they will be inducted into the College as well as commence their Apprenticeship Training. Your Apprentice should already be booked in, but if not, please select your Preferred Campus and an Apprenticeship Coordinator will be in contact with you to book a AKOD Day.

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    You can access the Apprenticeship Progression Schedules and Monthly Workshop Calendars through the Employer Dashboard.

    Our Apprenticeship Progression Schedules show the general progression of Units through a 3-Year duration. Some Employers like to extend the Apprenticeships to beyond 3 years, others allow a shorter duration for high performing or mature Apprentices.

    We are happy to tailor the progression to suit you and your Apprentice’s needs however achieving the Quarterly Progression requirements should be considered the minimum achievement each Quarter and gives you a guide to the expectations of your Apprentice’s progression through their training and assessment. Failure to progress satisfactorily may result in the Department of, Employment, Small Business and Training (DESBT) investigating further which could impact incentive payments and the Apprenticeship contract.


    Contribution Fees are payable for Apprentices over the age of 25 at the commencement of their Apprenticeship. Is your Apprentice over 25?

    If yes, who is paying the fee?

    Check the Fee Information here.


    I confirm that the details in this form are accurate at the time of submitting.
    I understand that I will be provided with a copy of this training agreement, have read the information on the Employer Dashboard and understand my responsibilities as an Employer.
    I understand the Apprentice Progression Quarterly Schedules and will work with the Apprentice and Gold Coast Trades College / Queensland Trades College staff to arrange site visits and attend workshops as required.
    I am committed to supporting my Apprentice to successfully complete their apprenticeship in 3 – 4 Years.
    I understand that if the Apprentice does not meet progression requirements that I will be reported to the Department of Education, Small Business and Training (DESBT) which may result in any incentives being impacted or the Apprenticeship Contract being cancelled.
    I understand that if my Apprentice is over 25 years of age at the commencement of the Apprenticeship, mandatory contribution fees apply.
    I understand that by signing the Third-Party Reports for each unit of competency completed in the workplace, I am authorising Gold Coast Trades College to deem my apprentice competent in that unit.
    I understand that the duration of the Apprenticeship is determined by the training and assessment activities, not the number of years completed. By signing off on the final unit of competency, I am confirming that I am happy for the apprenticeship to be finalised and that my employee will become a fully qualified tradesperson.

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