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This section contains frequently asked questions about studying with us, terms and conditions and our policies.
Future Students
What services are provided to individual students?
People and Performance Solutions:

  • provide expert advice on professional development pathways;
  • offer a range of study modes and methods to suit individual learning styles;
  • minimise unnecessary effort by recognising existing skills and experience for each learner, and
  • provide access to subsidised training pathways wherever available.

Our service is based on the principles of excellence, patience, potential and empowerment.

How long will the course take to complete?
Depending upon the level of qualification and agreed delivery strategy, a single unit usually takes up to one month to complete.

Since the course is delivered via a flexible learning and assessment program, study will normally be completed within a twelve month period. However, some study groups may progress at a faster rate, and work and family commitments may also affect this time frame.

Will I have to do the course in my own time?
Most courses are delivered via structured facilitated training sessions. The duration of these training sessions is can be for a half day or 5-8 hours. During these sessions, your trainer will prepare you to competently complete activities and assessments, both during the session and in your own time. In most instances, a large proportion of reading and assessment is conducted during the training session. However, there is an element of commitment needed from the participant to work on assessments during their own time in order to successfully complete the qualification.

What if I am on leave at any time during the course?
Training sessions are carefully planned to take into consideration leave and rostering implications. If you find that your training session falls on a day that you are unable to attend, your facilitator and fellow participants will assist you in catching up so that you do not fall behind.

A range of communication methods will be used to achieve this including phone; email, net meetings and catch-up coaching sessions. In most circumstances a new module / unit is started in each training session. Therefore, it is important that you attend all training sessions where possible.

We understand that there are times where demands are beyond your control, and we will always do our best to accommodate this, however, it is very important (for your own benefit) that you do not miss any training sessions.

If I only complete some of the course, can I receive exemptions elsewhere?
The units of competency you have completed are recognised nationally and on completion do not have to be repeated. When continuing further studies at any TAFE or private RTO nationally, you will be given exemptions (mutual recognition) for any units you have completed. This is recorded on your academic transcript.

Can I complete the course early?
You may find that you progress through your assessments quicker than others or you may have completed similar courses which cover part of the qualification you have enrolled in. In some instances it may be possible that you proceed with planned studies. However, you are required to attend all scheduled training sessions to partake in group discussions, exercises and project tasks.

If you are identified by your facilitator as being competent and progressing quickly with your assessments, you may be asked to assist others with their assessments in the role of a mentor.

What fees and charges are involved?
Different forms of training attract varying fee structures. With your enrolment pack, you will be provided with a fee structure or a quotation specifically designed to reflect your training needs and requests. If your program is funded by your employer, please consult them if you require information on fees paid for your training program.

Do you help with Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN)?
We have procedures which support and recognise the learning needs of individuals and we will revise training and assessment strategies to match individual needs and address literacy or numeracy issues where possible so that students can successfully achieve the outcomes. We may also refer a student to an alternative RTO for language, literacy and/or numeracy support.

What is your selection and induction process?
Programs offered publicly are open to all students, subject to any pre-requisites or special enrolment conditions that apply to a specific program. Application must be made by completion and submission of an enrolment form. Students will be made aware of the contents of the program, any special conditions and the assessment requirements prior to, or during, the first session.

Our Students

What support services are available to me?
As one of our students, you will benefit from a range of support services, relating to every aspect of your study.

Our support staff can help students improve their academic skills by seeking assistance with assessment questions and activities and providing coaching and support when needed.

When is student support available?
Our staff are available to students via phone from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday (Queensland AEST) on 07 56699000. Outside of these times please use the Contact Us form.

How do I submit an Assessment?
Whether studying via Workplace Training, a Public Course or online learning we aim to make the submission of your assessments as simple as possible. Your Trainer will take you through the details of this process during your course induction.

What extra support is provided throughout the course?
Our staff and assessors are always available to assist you with any queries regarding assignments.

How do I appeal my academic results?
In the event that a student is not satisfied with the judgment/grading from our assessment process, the candidate must lodge an appeal, where practicable, within 30 days of receiving the assessment result. Where appropriate the candidate should first approach the assessor concerned. Where the outcome is not satisfactory to the candidate, People and Performance Solutions Student Services should be contacted in writing (mail/email), explaining:

The circumstances surrounding the issue:

  • Who was involved
  • Why an appeal is being lodged
  • Any evidence including dates and documentation
  • The name of any witnesses who could support the case

Management will consider the appeal and the candidate will be notified in writing of the outcome and the reason for the decision. Action will be taken for each substantiated complaint. If the candidate is not satisfied with the outcome, the appeal will be referred to an independent person, who is agreed to by both parties, and the candidate will have an opportunity to formally present their case.

How do I get replacement certificate or statement?
We maintain a record of training for every student. If a student does not have an up-to-date copy of their training record, they can request one from the trainer or administration. In the event that a student needs a replacement statement of attainment or qualification after they have completed training, they must submit a written request to People and Performance Solutions Student Administration.

What is Competency Based Training (CBT)?
Competency Based Training is training based on what a person requires to operate effectively in industry. It focuses on the skills and knowledge an individual has, rather than on how they attained the skills and knowledge.

CBT is mainly concerned with ensuring workers have the skills needed by industry. Emphasis of CBT is on:

  • What people do in their job
  • What they need to know
  • What is the standard of performance required by industry
  • How, when, where and by whom participants will be assessed

Competency-based training programs are often comprised of modules (Units of Competency), broken into assessable skills and knowledge (based on standards set by industry). Assessments are designed to ensure each student has achieved all of these standards. Ideally, progress within a competency-based training program is not restricted by time. As soon as students have achieved or demonstrated the outcomes required in a Unit of Competency, they can move on to the next competency. In this way, students may complete a program of study at their own pace.

Work is assessed using knowledge tests as well as practical, custom-designed, on-the-job assignments and/or work-based practical projects. All evidence of competence is assessed against national standards in order to determine whether the participant has or has not proven their competence.

Evidence may be gathered by:

  • Observation
  • Oral questioning
  • Role Plays
  • Supervisors reports
  • Question and Answers
  • Individual or Team Assignments

For more information about competency based training, please contact your trainer or People and Performance Solutions.

How do I raise a complaint?
A student/client must lodge a complaint, where practicable, within 30 days of the issue arising. A written response will be provided within 21 days. A complaint should first be lodged with Student Services.

Where the outcome is not satisfactory to the client, the RTO Manager should be contacted in writing (mail/email), explaining:

  • The circumstances surrounding the issue
  • Who was involved
  • Why a complaint/appeal is being lodged
  • Any evidence including dates and documentation
  • The name of any witnesses who could support the case

Management will consider the complaint and the student/client will be notified in writing of the outcome. The organisation will act on each substantiated complaint. If the student/client is not satisfied with the outcome, the appeal will be referred to an independent person, who is agreed to by both parties, and the student/client will have an opportunity to formally present their case.

Can I transfer credit?
We recognise qualifications and Statements of Attainment issued by other Registered Training Organisations. A certified copy of a Diploma, Certificate (and associated Statement of Result) or Statement of Attainment must be submitted to Student Services, to obtain recognition.

People and Performance Solutions will also assess any previously completed course/s or subject/s to determine whether it provides equivalent learning or competency outcomes to those required within the student’s current program. The Credit Transfer application form is available from People and Performance Solutions Student Services.

What are your disciplinary procedures?
The student is expected to participate in the learning program, be respectful of others, adhere to Workplace Health and Safety requirements and show consideration for all regardless of race, colour, religion, gender or physical disability. In the event that these are grounds for disciplinary intervention then this will be handled in the first instance by the trainer, and if necessary by the RTO Manager. A record of interview will be placed in the training file.

What are employability skills?
Employability Skills are embedded in training and assessment activities. Information on the Employability Skills relevant to your qualification can be obtained by visiting this website and keying in the national code for the qualification: or via the actual qualification via

What is reasonable adjustment?
We are committed to providing training and assessment services that reflect fair and reasonable opportunity, and consideration for all students regardless of race, colour, religion, gender or physical disability. Trainers and assessors apply the principle of reasonable adjustment to all training and assessment processes where it is reasonable and appropriate to do so. If a student/client has a concern or query about an issue they should speak with the trainer in the first instance or the RTO Manager if it is more appropriate.

Do you offer Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)?
Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is an assessment process that assesses an individual’s formal and informal learning to determine the extent to which they have achieved the required competency outcomes. It involves collecting evidence and making judgments on whether competence has been achieved. RPL is available to all students.

The RPL Information pack and Application form is available from People and Performance Solutions Student Services. Assessing an RPL application will attract a fee (contact us for more details).

How do I get a refund?
Please refer to the Refund Policy located in our Student Handbook.

Training and assessment arrangements
We work to provide an excellent learning experience and will provide flexible arrangements for training and assessment wherever possible. If a student believes that they will require special consideration with either learning or assessment they may speak with the trainer or contact Student Services.

Do you comply with any legislation or regulations?
We comply with all legislative requirements relevant to training delivery and assessment in the vocational sector and also the national/state health and safety, workplace harassment, anti-discrimination and privacy legislation. Any legislative or regulatory requirements that are relevant to a program will be made known to the student prior to, or during, the first session.

What is your privacy and confidentiality policy?
Staff at People and Performance Solutions will ensure that the strict security provisions relating to your personal details are not compromised. As a result, your privacy is assured and any communications between you and our staff will be held in the utmost of confidence. Your fundamental right to access your own records upon request will remain in place and will be honoured by People and Performance Solutions at all times.

Once enrolled with People and Performance Solutions you will be sent information from time to time regarding training and other products that we believe would be beneficial to you. If you wish to unsubscribe to that service you may do so in writing at any time and you will be removed from our distribution list. Likewise, we may choose to use any comments taken from you from our student satisfaction surveys by publishing these on our website or other marketing publications. Again, if you do not wish for this to occur, please advise us of this in writing at any time.

We agree not to allow anyone outside our training company to access personal details about you. However, from time to time, our records are subject to audit by Government and private auditors who may access your records. In either case, these auditors sign declarations about maintaining confidentiality.

Study Online - College Cloud
Why study online?
Completing a qualification online makes it possible for you to fit your education around your work and your personal life. Our online courses give you an identical qualification to face-to-face training while allowing you to study anywhere, anytime, set your own completion date while still receiving coaching and support from our experienced team members and facilitators when required.

What can I study?
Many of our training programs can be studied online. Please contact our office at any time to discuss the most suitable programs and study method for your needs.

Corporate Workplace Training
Why choose PPS College for corporate training?
We give our clients a competitive advantage by helping build strategies to attract and retain top talent.

We recognise that the workplace is a changing dynamic. Managing people through change successfully challenges all organisations. Whether recruiting, training, or simply reviewing your human resources infrastructure, a great company needs to attract, retain and grow great people.

Our consultants are well experienced in working in different industry sectors and are able to adapt to the various needs of client organisations.

In serving our clients, we are committed to the core values of:

  • excellence through leadership that demonstrates vision, skill and innovation;
  • partnerships based on strong mutually beneficial relationships;
  • quality control and continuous improvement
  • learning and knowledge sharing; and
  • a strong commitment to integrity in all our dealings.

Whether you have a problem to solve, or want to revise policies and procedures, create new materials and tools, a better working environment or a specific training program, we are here to help.

Customised workplace training is our specialty. We are passionate about helping organisations and individuals achieve their goals.

In today’s global economy, a dynamic workplace promotes a positive, strong team culture with clear objectives and values. PPS supports workplaces and industries by understanding your organisational needs and helping to raise performance and productivity by developing your people.

We recognise that employees generally possess excellent operational skills and knowledge, but due to a number of factors including time and resource constraints in the industry, they often have a need to develop the competencies that will make them more effective and capable team members, team leaders and managers.

What consulting services do you offer?
Our consultative approach to designing and delivering training often identifies or prompts discussion about how PPS can further assist organisations in achieving their goals and objectives.

The business practices that form the foundation of our training programs are also transferrable into other parts of your business and we are able to assist you by providing a variety of services that complement our training programs.

Other services we provide as part of our corporate services include:

  • Develop Your Project Team
  • Strategic Planning
  • Align individual and company values

Team Building Programs:

  • We can design and facilitate team building workshops which allow staff members to effectively communicate and collaboratively develop Team Charters which outline the team’s common purpose and shared set of values, aligned with the organisational vision.

PPS College staff are accredited facilitators of Team Management Systems, which provides the tools that will help provide a solid team building structure, improve employee motivation and productivity, and also help colleagues get to know each other better in a relaxed and respectful environment.

Team building games can also help you consolidate the team, and achieve work-related objectives in a stress-free environment. Whether you are looking to incorporate team building into your annual conference, everyday work practices or as part of your recruitment selection and retention strategy we are able to help.

  • Quality Control Training and Development of QA Systems
  • Build an in-house Nationally Recognised Training Program (assessing your current in-house training and building on it so that it may be aligned with nationally recognised qualifications)
  • Accredited Facilitators of Team Management Systems Tools

How do you provide corporate workplace training?
We provide “hands on” training and consulting services to your business ensuring tailored solutions, on time and on budget.

  • We are more than an external training provider; we partner you to understand your organisational goals and design the program that you want.
  • We maintain regular communication with you to ensure that we are able to continually adapt to your ongoing needs.
  • We believe that training is most useful when it can be applied immediately to your workplace. Therefore, all of our face to face short courses and full qualifications include customised assessment activities and workplace projects designed to challenge participants to apply learnt skills and knowledge directly to the workplace.
  • We understand the need to provide flexible learning options. Our programs enable you to choose the duration and frequency of training sessions as well as being directly involved in customising course outcomes and assessment tools.
  • We offer flexible learning options by also providing you with an E-Learning Portal that can be branded to reflect your business and tailored to a varying degree.
  • A blended delivery mode that incorporates a mixture of face-to-face training sessions and E-Learning is also available. The choice is yours.
  • Our commitment to quality and continuous improvement means we are continually seeking and embracing feedback to improve and enhance our service to you!
  • We use our time, and your time, wisely ensuring that we do not go over old ground when facilitating our training – rather we allocate time to facilitating topics that we have identified would be most useful, interesting and relevant to you and your employees.

What are the benefits of PPS College corporate workplace training?
Investment in workplace training produces a number of benefits for business, including, but not limited to:

  • productivity and innovation in the workplace
  • Increased customer satisfaction (internal and external)
  • Transferable knowledge and understanding between all organisation departments
  • Clear and measurable development of Team Dynamics and Team Effectiveness
  • Effective time management, planning and prioritisation of work tasks
  • Understanding of general business processes, methods and tools
  • Achievement of agreed business outcomes relating directly to bottom line results
  • Up-skilling and recognition of existing staff competencies
  • Positive retention strategies linked directly to career and succession planning
  • Increase in morale and motivation in workplace
  • Achievement of business KPI’s with focus on quality
  • Support to individuals and teams during times of change
  • Provide participants with opportunity to transfer acquired skills and knowledge into their homes and personal lives