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“One of the things I really like about the PPS Diploma and Cert IV courses is the fact that they are tailored so well for our needs. That means they are very relevant and therefore much more interesting and engaging for the participants. It also allows us the opportunity to shape the course outcomes for our changing business needs.

It’s great to see the creativity and utility emerging from some of the course projects that are so relevant to our day to day challenges.”

Director, Telstra, Service Delivery Central Region

“The combination of Management and Operational staff participating in the course has opened up lines of communication and awareness, and appreciation of each other’s roles in the workplace.”

Team Leader, Service Solutions

“Significant recognition that PPS consultants were more than willing to discuss future learning pathways and how individuals could continue to progress their development. The focus on the individual’s learning needs was a customised offering appreciated by many participants”

General Manager, Service Solutions

“This program gave me Customer Service skills; how to work with staff, managers, approach staff, communicate with customers, and deal with complaints, these were skills I could immediately apply to my role.”

Team Leader, TSA

“One of my highlights from this course is that it is in a laid back environment with well communicated program managers.”

Sales Agent, TSA

“This course was an excellent stepping stone to my self-development and career”

Team Leader, Telstra

“I was with the course after its first day yesterday. The relevance to my role and what I want from my career, along with the better understanding of my place within the company was excellent.

The content and instructor were both great. I’m really looking forward to completing it.”

Test & Commissioning Supervisor, Downer Tenix

“Having a trainer and a small group was great. Many different opinions were voiced and good to get different perspectives on topics. I enjoyed the assessments, it was great to study again”

Team Member, Telstra