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Delivery Mode

PPS College and Gold Coast Trades College provide training and support through a range of delivery modes. Delivery modes have been marked on each qualification; however, we are always open to collaborating with you to modify the delivery option for the specific qualification you have in mind.

Our Campuses

Currumbin Campus – 6 Hayter Street, Currumbin Waters, Q 4223

Our HQ at Currumbin is where you will find the offices for both PPS College and Gold Coast Trades College. Our training and support staff work out of this location.

The Currumbin Campus also has specialty workshops for trades and construction training and a variety of classrooms and training areas. School based, part time and full time skills, pre-apprenticeship, apprenticeships and traineeships are taught here.

Workplace Training

Tailored workplace training is our specialty. We come to you and deliver your very own customised workplace training program. We embrace your culture and ensure that our training programs not only develop your people but complement your workplace.

Rather than a traditional classroom approach, the PPS facilitation style is relaxed and inclusive and caters to a range of adult learning preferences. Our facilitators are committed to helping individuals, teams and businesses grow by supporting and encouraging their learning in a non-confrontational and enjoyable environment.

Prior to commencing any workplace training program, PPS will undergo an in-depth customisation process to ensure each training session is designed to suit your organisation.

While each session will contain a theoretical component, you can be confident that they will also be focused on contemporary workplace practices that are relevant to both the individual employees and the goals and objectives of the business.

Benefits of PPS College Workplace Training

  • We embed the training within your culture – the trainer can gain a firsthand understanding of your organisation and become a part of your workplace
  • A team approach to training – participants can work together on projects and share ideas and experiences. Participants will build a shared vocabulary and improve communication and team cohesion
  • Access to workplace material and situations – assist us in keeping examples real and relevant and help the trainer to customise delivery
  • Convenient – allow you to schedule days, time, duration and location to suit your workplace
  • Comfortable – participants can relax in a familiar and non-threatening learning environment
  • Staff Satisfaction – help individuals feel valued and connected with their organisation, enhance morale, motivation and productivity and reduce staff turnover
  • Reduce Costs– save time and money by reducing staff travel and time away from the workplace
School Based Training

We have a range of qualifications that are available under the school based delivery mode. This means that students will attend on campus training once a week in collaboration with their school.

Online Learning

We are very pleased to offer quality training solutions online – using our interactive e-learning portal, the PPS College Cloud.

Online study allows students who have difficulty in attending workplace programs to learn at their own pace in their chosen environment. Our professional assessors and student support staff work together to manage your online learning experience and ensure that it is successful.

Our online learning subjects are able to meet similar workplace outcomes to our face-to-face sessions and are a great alternative for organisations with smaller group numbers or remote locations.

The PPS College Cloud also enables participants to access course materials and submit assessments online.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

We offer students the opportunity to obtain recognition for existing skills and knowledge.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is the acknowledgment of skills and knowledge you have obtained through learning achieved outside the formal education and training system and includes work and life experience including paid and volunteer work and skills.

RPL recognises any prior knowledge and experience and measures it against the qualification in which you are enrolled. You may not need to complete all of a training program if he or she already possesses some of the competencies taught in the program.

Why you should apply for RPL
If you apply for RPL and your application is successful you could:

  • Eliminate or reduce the need for training in skills and knowledge you already have
  • Save time in attending classes and completing unnecessary work
  • Save money because you will not have to buy textbooks and learning resources
  • Complete your qualification in a shorter time
  • More quickly advance to a higher level qualification if you wish.

Contact us to enquire about completing your study using RPL or request an information pack.

Blended Delivery

In today’s ever changing and demanding work environment our blended delivery may be an ideal option.

In consultation with you, we select a mixture of face-to-face training and online learning to build your customised program. Online Learning may also be used to accelerate learning in times of need.