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Energex M320 Electrical awareness for safe work

Working in close proximity to overhead power lines?


Through the Energex M320 Electrical Awareness course you will learn to:

  • Describe the legislative and safety requirements for working near live electrical apparatus
  • Explain the basic principles of electricity
  • Describe the major components of an electricity network
  • Identify and manage the hazards associated with working near live electrical apparatus
  • Identify electrical apparatus used in overhead distribution systems
  • Demonstrate an awareness of the effects of electricity on the body
  • Identify conductors and cables
  • Determine the nominal voltage of overhead conductors
  • Identify overhead equipment
  • State the exclusion zone for a given senario
  • Identify safety hazards and state their control measures

* Non-accredited training

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Entry Requirements
  • Occupational Health and Saftey
  • White Card
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