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Make sure you’re legal and compliant!

Do you own your own building and construction business? Are you responsible for the business and legal requirements for a construction company?

With this short course, Gold Coast Trades College will provide you with a trades focussed program that will help you to assess and prioritise risks and identify and comply with all regulations affecting your business.

This short course will provide you with skills and knowledge such as:

  • outline business registration and licensing requirements
  • identify Commonwealth, state/territory and local government legislative requirements relating to business operation
  • explain creation and termination of relevant legal contracts
  • summarise relevant cultural differences and legal implications
  • describe legal rights and obligations of alternative ownership structures
  • outline necessary record keeping to meet minimum legal and taxation requirements
  • summarise relevant consumer legislation and industry codes of practice
  • explain relevant insurance requirements and products
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Entry Requirements
There are no entry requirements for this qualification. Participants do however need intermediate language, literacy, numeracy and computer skills.
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