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Find out more about Gold Coast Trades College…

…and why you should get your training from us.

If you are looking for a career in trades, Gold Coast Trades College can help you. We are dedicated to maximising the performance of our students, teams and businesses through customised training and development solutions.

Our industry-experienced, qualified teachers and supportive learning environment will help you reach your career goals. You will develop a broad range of work-ready skills and applications to operate in your trade industry of choice.

Our facilitation style is relaxed, inclusive and caters to a range of learning preferences, with facilitators committed to helping individuals, teams and businesses grow by supporting and encouraging their learning in a non-confrontational and enjoyable environment.

Gold Coast Trades College provides services to both sides of the industry.

Whether you are an employer, apprentice or a tradesperson, we have the services to help you grow.

We understand that a business’s success depends on the quality of its staff. Our tailored training programs are designed to improve your team’s skills, increase workplace productivity and meet your specific business needs.

Our holistic and consultative approach ensures individuals receive relevant and applicable training and trade experience.

Our Delivery Mode
Gold Coast Trades College understands that the modern workplace demands flexibility and adjustment when necessary. Training and workshop delivery can be tailored to fit in with operational needs and priorities.
Our Approach
Gold Coast Trade College applies efficient and modern learning approaches, combined with tailored support and rewarding training for each participant. We have designed comprehensive training courses to equip our students with trade skills and knowledge. Our approach to training includes:

  • Regular communication with key stakeholders
  • Understanding strategic intent and key focus areas
  • Embed our values and culture into content and materials
  • Deliver contextualised theory through delivery and discussions
  • Incorporate workplace processes and documents
  • Group projects to present proposals for trade activities
  • Focus on real trade issues and challenge
  • Seek and act on feedback for continuous improvement
Customised Training

Flexible study options to suit your workplace needs

Tailored workplace training is Gold Coast Trade College specialty. We come to you and deliver your very own customised workplace training program. We embrace your culture and ensure that our training programs not only develop your people but complement your workplace.

Rather than a traditional classroom approach, the Gold Coast Trade College facilitation style is flexible, inclusive and caters to a range of adult learning preferences. Our team is committed to assisting individuals, teams and businesses grow. We support and encourage their learning style and trade course in a non-confrontational and enjoyable environment.

A Gold Coast Trade College facilitator will discuss your learning preferences and goals to ensure the training course is designed to suit your organisation.

All sessions with comprise a theoretical component, and also be focused on contemporary workplace practices that are relevant to both the individual employees and the business objectives.


Benefits Gold Coast Trade College Workplace Training

  • We embed the training within your culture – the trainer can gain a firsthand understanding of your organisation and become a part of your workplace
  • A team approach to training – participants can work together on projects and share ideas and experiences. Participants will improve communication and team cohesion within many trade activities.
  • Access to workplace material and situations – assist us in keeping examples real and relevant and help the trainer to customise delivery
  • Convenient– allow you to schedule days, time, duration and location to suit your workplace
  • Comfortable – participants can relax in a familiar and non-threatening learning environment
  • Staff Satisfaction – help individuals feel valued and connected with their organisation, enhance morale, motivation and productivity and reduce staff turnover
  • Reduce Costs– save time and money by reducing staff travel and time away from the workplace