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About Us

Gain the skills you need to succeed in a wide range of roles.

We strive to create an enjoyable and supportive learning experience for each client by combining the most current and efficient training technologies and qualification pathways with outstanding customer service and personalised attention.

Our industry-experienced, qualified teachers and supportive learning environment will help you reach your career goals. You will develop a broad range of work-ready skills and applications to operate in your trade industry of choice.

PPS College provides services to both sides of the industry.

We understand that a business’s success depends on the quality of its staff. Our tailored staff training programs are designed to improve your team’s skills, increase workplace productivity and meet your specific business needs.

PPS College provide a range of tailored workplace training and development programs to build knowledge and skills in your people. Our training is structured around areas of strategic importance for organisations and focused on producing tangible business outcomes. Conducted in the workplace, our flexible training programs are delivered by industry experts and specialist workplace trainers. We work with your business to ensure minimal operational disruption. Our goal is to achieve outcomes that positively impact your business.

We are dedicated to maximising performance of individuals, teams and organisations through customised training and development solutions.

PPS College (PPS) and Gold Coast Trades College (GCTC) are Registered Training Organisations providing qualifications for trades and the business sector. Based on the Gold Coast in Queensland, PPS and GCTC are accredited to provide nationally recognised training programs in QLD, NSW, VIC, TAS, SA and WA.

Established in 2004, PPS College delivers Business, Leadership and Management, Project Management and Customer Engagement qualifications and short courses throughout Australia.

Led by industry experienced and qualified trainers, Gold Coast Trades College offers Apprenticeships, short courses and pre-employment  for trades.

Providing a superior product and excellent service

With a reputation for quality and superior customer service, the director and staff at PPS and GCTC are genuinely passionate about helping to grow people and businesses. We are committed to providing our clients with innovative, customised, quality training & assessment programs to enhance your staff’s skills and knowledge and help achieve planned business outcomes.

Our consultative approach ensures the delivery of relevant and applicable training and development services to our clients.

Our Team


Sharna Bradley (AIMM), Director and Facilitator

Sharna Bradley edit

Sharna’s passion is training and developing people, in particular within the hospitality, telecommunications, sales and customer service industries. Sharna is rewarded by influencing the way organisations deliver value to customers (both internally and externally) through their people. Successful at communicating and building relationships with a diverse range of people, Sharna strives to support both organisations and individuals to learn, grow, and achieve their developmental goals.

Sharna has held various operational and managerial positions in Australia and Europe and has provided HR consultancy services to telecommunication companies in Australia, India, and The Philippines, including assisting Australian companies manage their offshore call centres and business operations.

Her success in hospitality and implementing change in a variety of organisational cultures allowed Sharna to expand her influence to sales and marketing and telecommunications organisations. Sharna’s portfolio of clients now includes some of the largest players in these industries in Australia.

Sharna has specialist skills in customer service, change management, performance management, conflict resolution, coaching and mentoring, and training and development programs. Sharna’s portfolio of consulting experience includes both operational and strategic human resources services and she has had extensive exposure to both the domestic and international markets.

Qualifications: Bachelor of Business (HRM, BusMGMT); Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (TAA40110)

Randall Wright, Facilitator

Randall Wright edit

Randall has held Director level positions in both public and private sector organisations and is the Managing Director of a sales and distribution company. Randall has diverse and extensive senior management experience across the hospitality, sales and marketing and telecommunications sectors and has consulted widely in business management and planning.

Randall has over 18 years’ experience in international business and trade and has an intimate understanding of the challenges and benefits that accrue in relation to outsourcing in foreign countries. He has held senior management positions in Australia and across Asia in the awakening giant economies of India, The Philippines and China and has extensive experience in successfully managing outsourced call centre operations offshore.

Randall has managed production from both local and overseas manufacturers and handled logistics, currency hedging strategies and quality and compliance issues as part of everyday business. He is an energetic team builder who enjoys working with members who are keen to be the leaders of the future.

Randall’s breadth of experience ensures that his trainees gain exposure to contemporary management strategies in association with the course material and his delivery style is relaxed and inclusive. Randall has qualifications in accounting, training and assessing and management.


Our Delivery Mode

PPS and GCTC recognise that the modern workplace demands flexibility and that traditional training session and workshop delivery may need to be adjusted to fit in with operational needs and priorities.

Online Learning

We are very pleased to offer quality training solutions online – using our interactive e-learning portal.

Online study allows students who have difficulty in attending workplace programs to learn at their own pace in their chosen environment. Our professional assessors and student support staff work together to manage your online learning experience and ensure that it is successful.

Our online learning subjects are able to meet similar workplace outcomes to our face-to-face sessions and are a great alternative for organisations with smaller group numbers or remote locations.

Our interactive e-learning portal also enables participants to access course materials and submit assessments online.

Blended Delivery

In today’s ever changing and demanding work environment our blended delivery may be an ideal option.

In consultation with you, we select a mixture of face-to-face training and online learning to build your customised program. Online Learning may also be used to accelerate learning in times of need.

Our Approach

PPS and GCTC use efficient and modern learning approaches, combined with personalised attention to create a supportive and rewarding venture for each participant. We have designed comprehensive training courses to equip our students with industry-leading skills and knowledge. Our approach to training includes:

  • Regular communication with key stakeholders
  • Understanding strategic intent and key focus areas
  • Embed our values and culture into content and materials
  • Deliver contextualised theory through delivery and discussions
  • Incorporate workplace processes and documents
  • Group projects to present proposals for business improvement strategies
  • Focus on real business issues and challenge in PBL activities
  • Seek and act on feedback for continuous improvement
Customised Training

Flexible study options to suit your workplace needs

Tailored workplace training is our specialty. We come to you and deliver your very own customised workplace training program. We embrace your culture and ensure that our training programs not only develop your people but complement your workplace.

Rather than a traditional classroom approach, the PPS and GCTC facilitation style is relaxed and inclusive and caters to a range of adult learning preferences. Our facilitators are committed to helping individuals, teams and businesses grow by supporting and encouraging their learning in a non-confrontational and enjoyable environment.

Prior to commencing any workplace training program, PPS and GCTC facilitators will undergo an in-depth customisation process to ensure each training session is designed to suit your organisation.

While each session will contain a theoretical component, you can be confident that they will also be focused on contemporary workplace practices that are relevant to both the individual employees and the goals and objectives of the business.

Benefits of PPS and GCTC College Workplace Training

  • We embed the training within your culture – the trainer can gain a firsthand understanding of your organisation and become a part of your workplace
  • A team approach to training – participants can work together on projects and share ideas and experiences. Participants will build a shared vocabulary and improve communication and team cohesion
  • Access to workplace material and situations – assist us in keeping examples real and relevant and help the trainer to customise delivery
  • Convenient– allow you to schedule days, time, duration and location to suit your workplace
  • Comfortable – participants can relax in a familiar and non-threatening learning environment
  • Staff Satisfaction – help individuals feel valued and connected with their organisation, enhance morale, motivation and productivity and reduce staff turnover
  • Reduce Costs– save time and money by reducing staff travel and time away from the workplace